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aka (GWiRadio - The Truth) is an online Christian radio station whose mission is to propagate the Gospel by streaming Bible teachings and sermons worldwide - 24 Hours a day / 7 Days a week!

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You can listen to us anytime on your computer (Windows Media Player or Real Player), smart phone (iPhone, Android), wifi enabled tablets (iPad, iPod, Android, etc.)!

The formats we cover are:

• Christian Talk 
  Mentoring and Family Support Discussions, Smart Crime Legislation, Victim/Offender Mediation Support.

• Education
  Community-in-Schools, Consumer Finance/Financial Literacy, First-time Homebuyer education,
  Microenterprise Development, Workforce Preparedness.

• News
  Restorative/Prison Ministry, Reentry/Rehabilitation Awareness, Aftercare/Support Awareness.

• Sermons 
  The Apostles Doctrine and Present Day Truth.

• Teaching 
  Spiritual Development & Growth, Foundational Biblical Studies, International Sunday School Review,
  Children/Teen/Young Adult Interests.

• Praise/Worship Music 
  Worship Broadcasts, New Talent Spotlight.

• Public Service Announcements



GWIR "The Truth" provides free publicity for non-profit (501(c)(3)) organizations holding events or providing information of value to our listening audience.  Public Service Announcements (PSA'a) are provided for concerts, church activities, and community events along with benefits and fundraisers.  For-profit organizations do not qualify for coverage under our Public Affairs Policy. Events we promote occur within a 75-mile radial area of our studio office.


We make an exception for events that involve a fee if the fee is used to cover the cost of materials, workbooks, handouts, or to provide meals or accommodations.  Conferences, seminars, or concerts that charge a fee for any other purpose do not qualify for a PSA.

Airing of PSA's

GWIR reserves the right to refuse any PSA for any reason.  We're sorry, but we can't make commitments about timing and frequency of airing your PSA, as our program schedule is subject to change without notice. These are done as time permits for programmed segments or on-air announcements.  Not all announcements that appear on our website will be heard on the air because of time constraints. Information for PSA'a must reach GWIR at least (2) weeks prior to the event.

Send us your PSA (files must be in PDF format)
"Ascribe to the Lord, O families of the peoples, ascribe to the Lord glory and strength!" ~ 1 Chronicles 16: 28