Our Historical Record

An IRS tax-exempt public charity since 2006


Over a period of seven years, Minister Steven Hammond observed a growing need for evangelical outreach in the Southeast area of Texas.  This continuing need has been fueled by a large influx of new residents comprised of Asian and Hispanic migrant workers, returning inmates, displaced residents of local housing projects, and an increased migration of young people from economically depressed rural communities across Texas.  These populations bring with them certain disproportionate levels of crime, alcohol and drug addiction, prostitution, sexually transmitted diseases, child abuse and molestation, teen pregnancy and a great need for parenting skills.  When all these factors are considered in the environment of those living in this community, one can easily understand how a sense of hopelessness prevails in their life.

Being motivated by the Holy Spirit, Minister Hammond set out to develop a strategy to bring hope to the people in the community.  Of course, the centerpiece to his strategy was the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit led Minister Hammond to establish a ministry whose focus would be the restoration of a hopeless people through teaching life application Bible study, financial education and empowerment, and sustainable economic development.  Minister Hammond determined that the new ministry must operate independent of any organized denomination in order for it to effectively reach the people and gain their confidence and trust. Therefore, God called him to establish Path Mark Ministries to meet this need.


The ministry was incorporated on March 9, 2005 in Jefferson County, state of Texas as a non-profit corporation.  


In 2006 the ministry filed for an IRS tax-exempt status and was granted a public charity on March 14, 2006.
"BLESSED are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!" ~ Matthew 5: 8